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In order to better serve our customers we have implemented a Quick Ship Program for our Stock Bagging Scales. Order Today, Ship Tomorrow!

Economical Manual Bagging Scale

Model OM-2 | For Dry, Free Flowing, Granular Products

The OM-2 is a mechanical bagging machine that utilizes a patented self-damping beam scale for reliability and accuracy. The flow control regulates the speed of material going through the scale and can be adjusted for light or heavy density material. The OM-2 is completely mechanical requiring no compressed air or electricity.


  • Nonconcentric Bag Clamp for positive grip on bag
  • Gross Weight Scale Operation
  • Bagging Rate: Up to 15 bpm
  • Accuracy: within 0.5 lbs
  • Bag Weight Range: 15 lb to 125 lb (6.8 kg to 56 kg)
  • Construction: Carbon Steel
  • OM-2-QS Spec Sheet >

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Semi-Automatic Electronic Bagging Scale

Model TE-100 | For Dry, Free Flowing, Granular Products

The TE-100 is an electronic bagging machine that utilizes a self-correcting feature that monitors final weights and compensates automatically for precise weighments. The adjustable dribble gate and dual set point fill cycle combine to provide the best speed and accuracy.


  • Bulk & Dribble Fill Cycle
  • Bag in Place Switch
  • Self-correcting weight feature
  • Bagging Rate: Up to 14 bpm
  • Accuracy: within 0.2 lbs
  • Bag Weight Range: 20 lb to 125 lb (9 kg to 56 kg)
  • Construction: Carbon Steel
  • Electrical Requirements: 110v, Single Phase
  • Air Requirements: 90 PSI (6.21 BAR) @ 5 SCFM
  • Enclosure: NEMA 12
  • TE-100-QS Spec Sheet >

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