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A podcast that brings together the people exploring new frontiers in integrating and automating bulk material handling systems with the experts who engineer custom solutions in a new era of manufacturing challenges.

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Sam Anderson, Applications Engineer

You're Not Going to Fill a Juice Glass with a Fire Hose​

Mike Abare, Magnum Systems technical sales manager, and Sam Anderson, a Magnum applications engineer, reveal the eye-opening truths about packaging powders, pellets and flakes in this myth-busting episode.

Mike and Sam debunk common misconceptions surrounding flowability, moisture sensitivity, static charge, and handling techniques.

Tune in and separate fact from fiction in the world of packaging these unique materials and their fillers.

Joel Sawalich, Special Projects Manager

Special Project Manager Shares Common and Doozy Pneumatic Conveying Challenges​

As a Magnum Systems special projects manager, Joel Sawalich has seen some stuff. Pipeline blockages, material degradation and segregation—you
name it. 

Mike Abare, technical sales manager for Magnum, asks Joel to recall some of the most common and worst challenges he’s seen in pneumatic conveying today. 

Cautionary tales? Practical tips and solutions? You decide.

Bill Mead, Chief Financial Officer

Magnum Systems: Past, Present and Future​

Magnum’s Chief Financial Officer, Bill Mead, and Technical Sales Manager, Mike Abare, delve into our company’s vision – past, present and future. 

Bill shares his perspective on the challenges, milestones and transformative moments that have shaped Magnum Systems’ trajectory. Discover the strategic decisions and financial strategies that have driven our success thus far. Plus, catch a glimpse into the future as Bill unveils the company’s vision moving forward.

Whether you’re a stakeholder, employee or simply curious about the inner workings of a successful systems integration company, this episode offers a unique opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge from our CFO.

Mike Abare, Technical Sales Manager

Automated Packaging Lines: Wringing Out Every Ounce of ROI

Mike Abare, Magnum Systems’ technical sales manager, focuses on the power of automated packaging lines in maximizing return on investment (ROI).

Mike reveals insights on optimizing efficiency, reducing costs and harnessing the benefits of automation in ways you might have yet to consider. Discover how bag placing, palletizing and automated palletizing with stretch wrapping contribute to a streamlined and profitable packaging operation.

Tune in to A.I.M. and unleash the true ROI potential of automated packaging lines. 

Nick Basham, Regional Sales Manager

Packaging Powder, Pellets, and Flakes: How Not to Blow It​

Nick Basham, Magnum Systems regional sales manager, and Mike Abare, Magnum Systems technical sales manager, explain the critical role of material characteristics in packaging powder, pellets and flakes. 

Explore the complexities of flow properties, moisture sensitivity, and static charge, and how they impact packaging efficiency and product integrity. Gain valuable insights and practical strategies to optimize your packaging processes for these unique materials. 

Learn the keys to effectively packaging powder, pellets and flakes as Nick and Mike take AIM at better integrated systems.

Dave Wollenberg, Test Lab Manager

Pneumatically Speaking in Terms of Efficiency, Compliance & Safety​​

Discover how to streamline inefficient processes and meet health and safety goals with pneumatic transport and packaging lines with Dave Wollenberg, Magnum Systems Test Lab Manager, and Mike Abare, Magnum Systems technical sales manager.

Learn practical strategies to optimize operations, reduce failures and enhance workplace safety. Tune in to AIM and revolutionize your processes for increased efficiency and compliance.

It’s a don’t-miss episode if you’re struggling with inefficient, failure-prone, and iffy-safe processes.

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