Transporting and temporary storage of dry bulk solid materials in bulk bags or jumbo bags, also called flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs), are key to having material on hand for moving on the line.

Magnum Systems puts the right solution in place that accurately matches your product’s characteristics to a bag’s loop style, inlet spout, discharge outlet and size. Typical bulk bags are constructed of poly woven material with capacity from 500 to 3,000 lbs. and move on bulk material handling equipment including both bulk bag filling and bulk bag unloading.

About Bulk Bag Unloaders

  • Unloads product from a filled bulk bag for packaging or further processing
  • Can consist of simple stands that support the filled bag over a discharge outlet to units that can meter out a specific amount of product and shut off the flow automatically
  • Can be equipped with options that help promote consistent flow of product such as side bag manipulators, vibrators and bottom bag agitators
  • Can be loaded with either a forklift or an integrated hoist and trolley
  • Adding an iris valve or circumferential cutoff allows for a bag to be removed from the bulk bag unloader without being fully emptied

About Bulk Bag Fillers

  • Typically consists of a bag frame to hold the bag, product flow control valve or gate and an integral weigh scale system with controls
  • Can range from simple basic frames to a more sophisticated system with pallet dispensers and accumulation conveyors for filled bags
  • Process involves an operator hanging the bag from the filler frame and attaching the fill spout or neck of the bulk bag to the filler
  • Standard bulk bag fillers incorporate an inflatable neck seal with a dust collection port to reduce airborne dust during the fill cycle
  • Once the bag is filled to the required weight, the flow of product into the bag is shut off and the filled bag is ready to be removed from the filler