Material Testing

Material Testing Assures Your System’s Optimal Performance

Knowing with certainty how your material will perform when pneumatically conveyed is critical to your system’s success. The way to ensure a system is designed and sized for the most cost-effective method of conveying materials is to test your material for flow characteristics, convey design parameters and degradation in a real-time operational system.

Testing Dictates the Right Components & System to Move Your Material

Every type of material, no matter how common, acts differently. Let’s say you’re pneumatically conveying and bagging flour. The type (soy, flax, etc.), its origin (imported or domestic) and plant’s environment affect how it acts. Preliminary material testing removes any question about your dry bulk materials’ performance and determines the right solution to handle it. It’s due diligence to ensure your system and its components keep the line moving exactly as you want it during their lifespan with minimal downtime or mechanical disruptions.

Decades of Material Testing Experience

Magnum Systems has conducted material testing for decades for a variety of industries, including:

  • Ag Feed & Seed
  • Animal Feed & Pet Food
  • Cement
  • Chemicals
  • Food
  • Plastics

Our team’s long history and knowledge make us a reliable partner for material testing. The outcomes give the data required on material properties to engineer a system for strength, durability and performance. Magnum Systems’ material testing helps you avoid the expense and inefficiency of second guessing and retooling later.

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