Ensure that your system delivers consistent and repeatable results, not only for bag filling, but all the way to the completion by integrating bag closing and handling in your packaging line.

Sealing + Sewing Systems

Magnum Systems integrates bag closing devices with open-mouth bag systems ranging from sewing heads and hot air sealers (both crimping and band sealers) to pinch bottom open mouth (PBOM) glue sealers and plastic inner liner sealers (PILS), which seal bags with poly inner and paper outer structures.

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Check Weigh

Magnum Systems’ TECW scales provide the ability to check-weigh bags in your production line for bagging accuracy within your target range. The unit includes a scale, indicator and options for automatic reject systems with audible or visual alarms. Options are available for checking the weight of intermediate bulk containers as well.

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Metal Detection

In food processing and packaging, metal detection is often required to meet government and industry safety and quality control regulations. Magnum Systems partners with renowned manufacturers that specialize in metal detection solutions for integration into packaging lines.

Multiple configurations are available to meet regulations and your products’ needs, including using magnets within the filling equipment and a metal detector downstream. This can be paired with check weighing and a reject conveyor for a total solution.

Magnum Systems will work with your plant’s team to design the best way to handle your application to meet governing or industry standards for perfect quality control and minimizing risk and waste.

Bag Handling

Magnum Systems offers a variety of downstream bag-handling accessories to integrate with all of our bagging equipment. This includes sealing conveyors, bag flatteners, bag turners, pallet dispensers, and more.

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Magnum Systems bag kickers provide options to allow sealed open-mouth bags to be:

  • Oriented from their vertical position
  • Side profile
  • Standing position on a horizontal
  • Wide profile
  • Laying down position for introduction into a bag flattener, check-weigher or metal detector

Kickers Turners

Conveyors are integral to the dry bulk materials conveying system. Our engineers and integrators consider your material characteristics, conveying volumes, and any vertical or horizontal conveying requirements to integrate a solution that improves your processes and reduces the risk of material waste or product contamination.

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Magnum Systems’ bag flatteners condition bags for more uniform distribution and stabilization for palletizing. Bag flatteners take filled bags that typically have a larger volume of product at the base end and force material back towards the free end by running the filled bag through compression belts. These belts are typically on an incline to aid this process and help raise the bags to more ergonomic levels.

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