Our experts select the right method to consistently transfer or feed your product by learning about the goals and needs of your specific application. Then, we apply the best technology to the process, whether it’s our own equipment or an integrated piece.


Pneumatic Conveying

Efficiency affects your bottom line. Whether it’s Dilute Phase or Dense Phase, conveying materials is as much an art as it is a science. Through Magnum Systems’ long history with the Smoot brand of equipment and systems, our experts understand the process from beginning to end.

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Our dilute phase systems transfer your material at higher speeds and lower product-to-air ratios than dense phase systems of similar rates and distances. Lower capital investment than a dense phase system and worry-free operation make dilute phase the most common choice for handling material from granola, green coffee beans, and potato flakes to bone fragments and wood chips.

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Highly abrasive or very fragile material can require lower speed conveyance and a higher product-to-air ratio. Our patented bypass valve eliminates the need for compressed air line booters.

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Mechanical Conveying

Mechanical conveying is typically a lower cost alternative to pneumatic conveying for transferring a product and serves as a preferred option for shorter distances. Magnum Systems partners with leading manufacturers to integrate the best conveying solution for your application which may include the following:

    • A simple flex auger above a bagging scale
    • Screw conveyors from a silo to a mixer

  • Cable and chain conveyors
  • Drag conveyors
  • Bucket elevators
  • Belt conveyors from sorters to storage hoppers

Metering + Feeding

Either integrated in a legacy or new system, our solutions enable the metering and feeding of dry bulk materials at razor-sharp precision into a convey line, hopper, mixer or other process. We offer the following feeders:

  • Volumetric feeders
  • Loss in weight feeders
  • Gravimetric feeding
  • Vibratory feeders

Rotary Valves + Airlocks

Efficient, reliable operations depend on the right rotary airlock with the necessary options. You can rely on our legendary design and performance for the right rotary valve for your operation through Magnum Systems’ Smoot brand.

With over a half century of experience in pneumatic conveying systems, the Magnum Systems team assesses your needs and selects the right rotary valve/airlock for your application at the lowest cost to install, operate and maintain with the highest level of quality.

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