Dilute Phase Pneumatic Conveying

Pneumatic conveying’s most common form is anything but common when designed, produced and installed by Magnum Systems technical craftsmen and women.

Transfer Dry Bulk Solid Materials Efficiently and Cost Effectively

Our dilute phase systems transfer your material at higher speeds and lower product-to-air ratios than dense phase systems of similar rates and distances. Lower capital investment than a dense phase system and worry-free operation make dilute phase the most common choice for handling material from granola, green coffee beans, and potato flakes to carbon black, bone fragments, and wood chips.

Outgrown a Mechanical Conveying System? Consider Dilute Phase

Dilute phase conveying systems offer a long-lasting, trouble-free alternative to mechanical conveying systems, such as screw conveyors, belt conveyors, vibratory conveyors, aeromechanical conveyors or bucket elevators. The advantages include:

  • Easier to install and more flexibility in routing
  • Lower maintenance
  • Easier to route, especially over longer distances
  • Easier to clean
  • Self-contained with less emissions in many cases
  • Easier to expand in the future


Dilute Phase Conveying – The Basic System

Magnum Systems’ knowledge of products/materials and broad range of dilute phase systems and components put the right equipment in place, whether your building one from scratch, reconfiguring or repairing. Our engineers know the components and their properties by heart.

An air generation device is a positive displacement blower, but occasionally a fan, regenerative blower or compressor.

An airlock is most commonly a rotary valve, but can also be referred to as a butterfly valve, flapper/dump valve, knife gate, venture, or other device. Airlocks need to be located at the inlet of a pressure system and the discharge of a vacuum system.

A material to air metering device may be something as simple as a material feeder such as a rotary valve, screw conveyor or vibratory feeder, or as complex as an air inlet management system.

A material and air separation device is usually a pulse-jet fabric bag house of some sort. This may be felt or spun bound polyester, square or round, stand alone or in the form of a bin vent. Other less common means of separation and filtration include such items as cyclones.

A conveyance medium, typically tubing, piping or hose.

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