Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying

Highly abrasive or very fragile material can require lower speed conveyance and a higher product-to-air ratio. From production to installation, our proven dense phase systems keep your line moving.


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Just Hit START to Convey Abrasive or Fragile Material

Abrasive or fragile materials’ lower speed, higher pressure and higher product-to-air ratio requirements are nothing new to us. Dense phase pneumatic conveying is less common than comparable dilute phase because of the greater capital investment involved, if there is no need to be concerned about breakage or wear. Dense phase systems are more commonly powered by higher pressure (~100 PSIG) and higher horsepower air compressions, making them more costly to operate so it’s even more important they run efficiently and reliably when you hit START.

Our Patented Bypass Valve Eliminates Compressed Air Line Boosters

At the heart of most high-pressure systems is a dense phase transmitter or DPT, commonly known as a pressure vessel or blow pot. The DPT is where product is filled and pressurized to begin the convey cycle. Our patented bypass valve controls our dense phase transporters and operate without cumbersome and expensive compressed air line boosters. The bypass valve controls the material-to-air ratio by diverting the convey air around the pot if convey pressures rise too high. This is usually a result of too much material in the line, causing an off-balanced material-to-air ratio. By diverting the air around the pot, material flow is slowed and the ratio is reduced by air going directly to the convey line.

More Dense Phase Conveying Benefits:

  • Less susceptible to leakage and wear
  • Operate at high pressure
  • Integrates with batch weighing applications

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