With over 50 years of experience in pneumatic conveying systems, Magnum Systems assesses your needs and selects the right rotary valve/airlock for the job at the lowest cost to install, operate and maintain.

Efficient, Reliable Operations Depend on the Right Rotary Airlock and Options

Rotary airlock, rotary valve, star valve, star feeder, vane feeder – rotary valves have many names. The name is secondary to quality, and Magnum Systems is where to turn for valves/airlocks renowned for longevity and manufactured in the U.S. What you should call yours depends on how it’s applied in your pneumatic conveying system. Its application determines how you choose the right one for your plant or facility.

A rotary valve:

  • Can be used as a metering feeder to control how much material is passed from point A to point B.
  • Can be used as an airlock to separate a high-pressure area from a low-pressure area.
  • Though it’s not the most accurate metering device or the best air tight seal, it’s the only valve that can do both at the same time, making it an ideal component for your pneumatic conveying system

Rotary Valves and Airlocks Built With Legendary Smoot Design and Precision

NFPA Compliance 

Our rotary airlock line includes seven types, each designed for specific industries and applications with multiple options and accessories to ensure it will exceed your expectations.

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