Project Management

One Point of Contact Throughout Your Entire Pneumatic Conveying, Packaging or Materials Handling Project

Magnum Systems’ project managers bring three key things to every pneumatic conveying, packaging and materials handling project: reduce risk as they watch over every aspect from beginning to end, assure quality in components and how they integrate into your system as a whole, and avoid delays and surprises by keeping your project on time and on budget.

Juggling all three takes serious experience and coordination, not to mention looking way in advance and avoiding issues that could cause time and money hassles later. In other words, our project managers micromanage your project with an eye on macro level end results.

Project Management Keeps Your Project Moving
From integrating an efficiency-boosting pneumatic conveying or packaging component to engineering and manufacturing a facility-wide material handling system, our project managers:

  • Find and dodge technical risks
  • Avoid errors
  • Check and control budgets
  • Keep your project on schedule
  • Satisfy voluntary and required industry, government, and internal regulations

It Boils Down to Connections and Experience
The outcome of your project boils down to connections and experience a company has in the pneumatic conveying, packaging and materials handling industry. With nearly a combined century in pneumatic conveying and packaging, integrating the components we build, along with others, to keep lines moving, your project is in the best hands.

Rely on Magnum to manage your project every step of the way – material testing, review, construction, and inspection right through to testing and training. Plus, our engineers and machinists add expertise, opinions and advice to bring industry-leading efficiency and reliability to keep the line moving.


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