Pneumatic Conveying Rotary Valves & Airlocks TYPE-3 AIRLOCK: CORROSION DUTY ROTARY VALVE


The Corrosion Duty Rotary Valve Type-3 Airlock is our valve with two personalities. Take a standard Type-1 airlock, change the rotor to 304 stainless steel and coat the cast iron endplates and housing with Nedox® chrome; the rotary valve becomes both corrosion resistant and food grade. You get the performance of a stainless steel valve for the cost of cast iron.

All of our rotary valves are NFPA Section compliant.


  • 100% Nedox® coated cast iron housing and end-plates
    • Nedox® Benefits
      • Food Grade: meets FDA requirements for food contact
      • Abrasion resistant
      • Chemical, acid and alkaline resistant
      • Self-lubricity, material does not adhere or build up on surfaces
  • 304 stainless steel open end rotor (can be finished to meet FDA requirements for food grade)
  • Available in sizes ranging from 7” airlock (0.12 CFR) to 22” airlock (4.00 CFR)
  • Available with round inlet and outlet in sizes: 9” and 12”
  • Can be used as either a feeder or an airlock
  • Operating temperatures from -250°F to 550°F
  • 100% manufactured and assembled in the USA

Some of the applications that fit the Type-3 rotary valve:

  • Any pneumatic conveying system requiring food grade in product contact
  • Pet food and flour systems
  • Wash down environments
  • Caustic or sea water environments