Rail-to-Pallet Solutions

We Engineer, Design and Manufacture – Everything It Takes to Keep Your Line Moving

Pneumatic conveying and packaging systems are made up of thousands of parts. Luckily, one company – Magnum Systems – knows every one of them. Make one call. Write one specification. Hold one company accountable for the people, parts and systems that keep your line moving from truck- or rail-to-pallet.

That’s what makes Magnum different. It’s what gives you an edge in return on investment, reliability and efficiency across:

Others Sell Components, We Engineer and Manufacture Total Material Handling Solutions Without the Middleman
Pneumatic systems. Pneumatic components. Packaging systems. Packaging components. They couldn’t be more different, yet so interconnected and critical to your operations. Never does that become clearer than when efficiencies are made in handling materials, but you end up with bigger problems somewhere else along the line.

In industrial engineering, nothing works in silos. Sure, it might for years, but eventually, material composition changes, a small inefficiency becomes a big one or down time forces a search for a better way.

Understanding material handling like we do is rare in the industry. There are smart people out there who know mixers, feeders, silos, robotic palletization, but it’s Magnum that designs and manufacturers cohesive truck or rail-to-pallet solutions that you can rely on day after day, year after year. We know how to integrate all components, whether we manufactured them or not, to make them work in sync with your system.

Solve Your Biggest Challenges, Both the Known and Unexpected Ones
You have a job to do and goals to meet. Bottom line, is that if you move and package material, Magnum Systems’ engineering, design and manufacturing keep your line moving.


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