Packaging starts with determining the best machine for your product and container. Delivering consistency, accuracy and repeatability is just the start. We look at your process as a whole for better-engineered solutions and can add technology for an automated packaging solution designed to your facility and workflow. Taylor Products is Now Magnum Systems

Packaging Equipment & Systems

We assess and troubleshoot productivity-killing problems caused by big or tiny changes on your line, from packaging new material to slight updates in product composition. This approach looks at your process as a whole for better-engineered solutions. We engineer, design and manufacture quality filling, weighing and packaging automation systems for multiple industries. Our equipment offerings include:

  • Open mouth filling and weighing equipment
  • Valve bag filling equipment
  • Small bag filling systems
  • Bulk bag filling and unloading equipment
  • Bag in box, drum and tote filling and weighing
  • Automated packaging systems
  • Robotic bag placing
  • Robotic palletizing
  • Package handling accessories


Tailored Packaging Solutions

Our packaging solutions are first tested in our lab. Using the results as a blueprint, our team tailors the equipment, system, and accessories specifically for your plant or facility. And that provides the strongest return on your investment.


Click the product like yours, the container you will be filling and the desired bagging rate you need.


Quick Ship Program

In order to better serve our customers we have implemented a Quick Ship Program
for our stock baggers
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