Material Separator

Magnum Systems Cyclones are designed for efficient air/particle separation in a pneumatic transfer system using centrifugal force.  Once separated, the material falls downward in a spiral motion and is discharged through the bottom of the cyclone and the gas/air exhausts through the top. Cyclones are typically installed above a rotary airlock in the systems that we provide. Our standard design is constructed of 10-gauge carbon steel with optional stainless construction to withstand abrasive industrial applications.

Cyclone Features:

  • High efficiency design for maximum material / air separation
  • Designed for lines sizes from 3” to 8”
  • Upper portion of the cyclone is designed with infinite variable position capabilities
  • Low profile draw-thru air discharge
  • Bottom flange fabricated to mate Smoot rotary valves, ANSI flange pattern drilling or existing equipment
  • Mounting lugs
  • 10-gauge carbon steel construction with enamel paint finish

Optional Features:

  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • Support legs for up to 3ft of clearance below discharge flange