Industries Served

Brochures and sales talk are nice, but it takes real-world experience to know when canned systems could meet your production and budget goals and when customizing a dry bulk material conveying or weighing/filling system solution will save time, money and resources for the results you want.

No Two Plants Are Alike

Industry and Material Expertise Matters When It Comes to Designing, Engineering & Integrating Systems
Some of the Industries We Serve are:


Industrial Minerals and Bulk Solids Processing

Handle dry bulk solids such as; concrete, limestone, grout, bentonite, clay, salt/ice melt, asphalt, charcoal, coal, metal compounds, pellet fuels and other aggregates.

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Coffee Processing

Magnum Systems has engineered, designed and manufactured quality pneumatic conveying and packaging equipment for the coffee industry for many years.

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Food and Ingredient Processing

Convey and package ingredients such as: flour, bakery mixes, potato flakes, pretzels, candies, whole coffee beans and ground coffee, biscuit mix , apple fibers, sugars, cheese shreds, frozen shrimp, steamed oats, cereals, trail mix, muscles and more.

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Agriculture, Feed and Seed Processing

Tailored product handling and packaging systems for feeds, seeds, grains, fertilizer, soil, mulch and more.

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Chemical Industry Process Equipment

Storage, transfer and packaging solutions for pebble lime, hydrated lime, fly ash, sodium bicarbonate, soda ash, limestone, bed ash, coal dust, and more.

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“One Size Fits All” Doesn’t Fit Anymore.

Whether it’s agricultural seed or asphalt, no two material handling systems should be treated alike. Truck or rail, chemicals or feed – the selection of equipment, parts, controls and components must be engineered as a total solution. This holistic approach to material handling is what we do best.

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