Pneumatic Conveying Components and Accessories Compression-Style Couplings

Compression-Style Couplings

Single Locking Side Band

Compression Couplings provide a positive seal for dilute phase pressure and vacuum pneumatic convey lines when joining plain end tubing, pipe, elbows and other line components. These couplings are available in different bolt count arrangements, with a wide variety of gaskets for use in a vast range of applications. Whether your application is low pressure conveying Aggregates, Food Products or Chemicals we can assist you in the identification of the right compression coupling
arrangement for your needs. Remember when ordering these couplings for a Vacuum system to include the Gasket Protector to extend the coupling life. This style of compression coupling is generally used in systems with pressures of 15 PSI or less. The assembly and disassembly of these couplings is fast and easy.

Coupling Features:

  • Provides equalized pressure seal
  • Provided ready to install
  • Available in galvanized steel, aluminum or stainless steel
  • Includes inner sleeve for positive seal and extra rigidity
  • Available with black neoprene, white neoprene, high temperature as well as other gasket material
  • Available from 0.75-inch to 24-inch, tubing and pipe

Dual-locking side band

Dual-locking side bands grip the pipe and allow higher operating pressures than standard compression couplings usually allow. These are especially effective in resisting line end pull and providing a superior connection when excessive vibration may be present. They have also proved to be extremely useful when repairing sections of convey lines, while also providing a positive seal. As found in the standard compression coupling assembly and disassembly is fast and easy.

Coupling Features:

  • Provide vastly improved axial force holding power to connect or repair pipe and tube
  • Allows higher operating pressure then normally suggested for compression type coupling
  • Especially effective where line vibration is a problem
  • Available from 2-inch O.D through 24-inch O.D. nominal pipe or tubing sizes
  • Complete coupling, or conversion kits available for existing couplings