Magnum had been looking for more space in Parsons, KS, for a long time. With our company poised to grow and expand in the next five years, it all worked out when we found the new building just down the road on Jothi.

The new facility is a unique find within our assembly world. It hadn’t been used as a manufacturing site since 2008 and had been sitting empty for a long time. We sat down with Kim Fentress, Magnum’s Manufacturing Manager, to find out everything about Magnum’s newest building.

Magnum was able to lease the building, which has allowed everyone to spread out and have the space we have needed for a long time.


“We no longer need to be crammed together at one facility. We now have ample space to spread out and work as we should. So, it was an opportunity to get more space,” said Fentress. “And then for me, it was an opportunity to arrange it the right way because we were able to start from scratch. We’ve set it up like we really want to have it so we can all work optimally.”


An Impressively Quick Turnaround
Magnum took possession of the building in April of 2023 and quickly turned it into a beautiful manufacturing facility complete with offices and meeting rooms. We officially opened for business on May 30, 2023.

With the work cells that Fentress mapped out, employees are now able to move from station to station where everything will be set up in the same fashion. People can just grab their tools and go to work in a different cell as needed.


“So, it's kind of exciting for me, and I think it is all working out as we had hoped with all of the new space,” he explained. “With four or five more people assembling equipment here, it means we can put a lot more product through, making us an even more valuable partner to our customers.”


Room for Growth and a Tranquil Break Space
It's a terrific space all around and a perfect setting for a manufacturing facility, which can be difficult to find. Employees can now be more involved outside of just being in the facility. There is a quiet pond behind the site where employees can fish and relax during lunch and breaks. It’s also an ideal spot for cookouts and after-hours gatherings for team building and just plain old-fashioned fun. It’s a bonus for everyone to get some time outside.


“There’s more outdoor activity down there to get people together,” said Fentress. “It’s going to be something we've never had the opportunity or the luxury to have. That part is great.”


New Truck for Ease of Getting Back and Forth on Jothi
Another exciting new addition to Magnum in Parsons is the purchase of a new-to-us truck. It’s a one-ton Dodge pickup with a 24-foot flatbed trailer. The new vehicle will help transport equipment to and from both buildings in order for all fabrication, welding, and paint departments to be in the new facility.

Once the equipment is painted, then it can be loaded on the truck trailer to get it to the new facility.


“So, basically all the dirty work stays here in the old building, and all of the nice clean equipment will be transported to the new building, which we hope to keep primarily as an assembly facility,” said Fentress.

Adding a truck also means adding a new role. “We’ve hired a driver who will drive between all three facilities here in Parsons. The driver will deliver all the airlocks,” Fentress said. “Our new driver will have duties between all three facilities, moving equipment from place to place, which will hopefully make the position a fun one for our new addition.”

The new facility has also made space for new employees to help meet our continuing growth. “To date we have hired one controls tech, one assembly tech, and a truck driver,” Fentress explained. “We are also in the process of hiring two more assembly techs. The new manufacturing floor can handle a total of eight new people, so we have room to hire three more at some point.”


We look forward to seeing what the future holds for Magnum Systems as we continue to grow in this exciting new location. Stay tuned for more and please contact us for more information.

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