Using Robotics to Overcome Manual Palletizing System Challenges

Using Robotics to Overcome Manual Palletizing System Challenges

The end of the line is ideal for adding robotics to help increase production and revenue, especially now with labor shortages, supply chain kinks and the paramount need to reduce health risks for staff. Manufacturers are turning to palletizing system integrators to develop a solution designed to suit their packaging lines and budgets.

Whether your facility handles heavy, hazardous, bulky or powder material, palletizing robotics can safely move it with unprecedented speed, accuracy and efficiency. Palletizing moves product packages from one place to the pallet, which can be hard, revenue-reducing, productivity-draining work if not automated.

For end-of-the-line palletizing, there are main functions that Magnum Systems’ engineers assess to determine which steps will be "fully automated" and which ones will continue being manually handled.

How are pallets brought into the system so our TRP3000 robot can place the bags? Options include:

  • An operator can manually place the pallet into a "pallet stacking station" located on the floor.
  • Integrating a "pallet dispenser" that holds up to 20 pallets and automatically dispenses them onto roller conveyors next to the bagging line.
  • Having the end of arm tool on the palletizer pick and place the pallets prior to picking and placing the bag.

Are slip sheets required? If so, how should those be placed? Options are:

  • Placing manually via a slip sheet placer, which can be used with our pallet dispenser option.
  • Using an end of arm tool on the palletizer equipped to pick and place slip sheets.

Is there a need to use stretch wrapping equipment or hooding equipment on the full pallet? If so, options are:

  • Doing so manually with a fork truck.
  • Integrating this function into the exit conveyors, eliminating operator intervention.

Work with a Palletizing Systems Integrator Who Knows Your Industry
Robotic palletizers have come a long way in the world of bag palletizing. Once thought of as a “gimmicky” way to palletize bags has become very mainstream and reliable way to do the monotonous and dangerous chore of palletizing bags. The key to a successful deployment is working with a palletizing systems integrator with experience in your specific industry and with the product you’re bagging. Magnum Systems has the real-world experience to know when canned/pre-engineered systems could meet your production and budget goals and when a custom engineered automated palletizer system will save time, money and resources. Magnum Systems understands that the pallet of your product is the first thing your customer sees and reflects how your customer views the quality of your product.

Some of the industries we’ve created robotic palletizing solutions for are:

  • Food and ingredients
  • Industrial minerals and bulk solids
  • Agriculture feed and seed
  • Chemicals and plastic

Address the Sources of Your End-of-Line Bottlenecks
Any bottlenecks at the end of the production line affect product flow throughout the entire line. So, it’s essential to address those bottlenecks to keep the line moving, creating efficiencies across your entire facility. Robotic palletizing eliminates the most common causes of workflow hiccups, including:

  • Lack of speed
  • Potential for employee injury
  • Limited weight/size capacity
  • Limited ability to be consistent and repeatable
  • Human error

Robotic palletizing is fast, reduces health or injury risk to employees and operates 24/7 if needed and repeats the process exactly time after time. To this day, we have not had a single one of our robotic palletizers call in sick or show up late for work.

What Can You Expect in Return for Automated Palletizing?
Your palletizing systems integrator’s solution is engineered for precision, high-speed, high-payload operation, user-friendly setup and maximum reliability. In return, expect to experience several benefits, including:

  • Direct labor savings and improved personnel scheduling and utilization
  • Fastest cycle time and highest payload in robot class
  • High-performance motion yields quick cycle times and high throughput
  • Flexibility to service multiple production lines
  • Minimal programming and maintenance

Ready to Revolutionize Your End of Line with Robotic Palletizing?
The first step is finding a palletizing systems integrator who can customize a solution to your facility, product and needs. Contact us today to get started on your project!

TRP3000 Palletizer with Pallet Dispenser
TRP3000 Palletizer with Pallet Dispenser
Picking Bag
Picking Bag
Picking Pallet
Picking Pallet


Picking Slip Sheet
Picking Slip Sheet
Placing Pallet on Exit Conveyors
Placing Pallet on Exit Conveyors
Placing Slip Sheet on Pallet
Placing Slip Sheet on Pallet
Placing Bag on Pallet
Placing Bag on Pallet