Complex Dry Bulk Materials Handling Requires an Experienced Systems Integrator

Complex Dry Bulk Materials Handling Requires an Experienced Systems Integrator


Look for a Partnership when Selecting a Systems Integrator

When you contact Magnum Systems seeking solutions for your bulk material handling problems, we invest the time to learn about these challenges, where your system is and where you want to take it. We put our accumulated years of experience at your disposal to help you achieve the performance you want out of your bulk material process. No matter how challenging the project.

As Systems Integrators we can help you uncover unknowns and plan a strategy that works for your specific application and help ensure that it keeps performing so you can focus on things like sourcing material and fulfillment. The partnership begins from the moment you contact Magnum to discuss needs, design an entire system (load-in to ship-out) or add a phase to your current process.

We connect you with a highly knowledgeable salesperson who listens to your needs and challenges. Details are gathered about the processes needed, your facility's footprint and any other pertinent information needed to zero in on your unique application. Our sales and applications team will discuss your project and present a preliminary concept; either a flow drawing or general arrangement drawing of the equipment solution to match your goals.


Designing a System to Meet Your Unique Challenges

Once we are all in agreement on the direction of the design concept, many times, a site visit from our sales and applications engineers is a necessary step to take exact measurements and uncover any possible hurdles your footprint may present in meeting the challenges of your bulk handling installation. Whether we are increasing your bagging rate or adding a destination in your dilute phase pneumatic conveying system within your current process, we will work alongside you to develop solutions for your space with performance at the forefront of our design and application.

After the facility visit our sales and application engineers will revise any preliminary design concepts and present an engineered solution of your new or improved system. We address any of the challenges presented with safety and efficiency driving our focus and regroup with your team to hammer out any final details. We are completely transparent during this entire procedure to ensure accuracy, budget accordingly for your project needs and formulate a comprehensive plan that both parties understand before implementation.


Let Your Systems Integrator Worry About the Complex Parts

Having a Systems Integrator on your side with in-depth knowledge of manufacturing complex unloading, conveying, packaging and palletizing solutions gives you more time to manage your production line and unlock new potential. A partnership with a Systems Integrator, like Magnum, means we are working alongside your team every step of the process and after project completion with unmatched Field Service and Support that only come from years of experience.


Contact Magnum today to find out more about how we can help you meet your dry bulk material challenges.