Contacting equipment manufactures for an estimate on bulk bag filling systems? Bulk bag filling can range from 500 lbs to 4,000lbs; to cover this range of fill capacity it is extremely important to dot all your "i's" and cross all of your "t's" to make sure you are getting the best bulk loader for your application. We hope to help you along that process and have come up with the Top 10 Questions you need to answer when selecting a bulk bag filler. Watch the video for the full presentation or download your copy below:


  1. How big is your bulk bag?  Knowing the size of your bag or bags if you plan to fill multiple sizes is key in proper equipment selection.
  2. How much product do you need fill? Not only refers to the total weight of the filled bag but you also need to know the bulk density of the product.
  3. How fast vs. how accurate? Relatively speaking you won't be able to have high speed and high accuracy, there is normally a trade-off between the two.
  4. How is dust control handled? Make sure you think about dust control and the filler you select has options to handle it.
  5. Does the bag have an inner poly liner? If the bag has a poly liner if not accounted for can have a negative impact on bag filling performance.
  6. Does the material have a high angle of repose? May not fill the bulk bag entirely, wasting space in the bag.
  7. Do you need to transmit, record and or store the weighing data? Some control packages are limited, make sure you have the technology you need for your facility.
  8. Do you need to fill other types of containers as well? Bulk fillers with options to fill other styles of containers could mean increased business opportunities.
  9. What materials of construction are required? The material of construction has a heavy impact on pricing.
  10. What is the electrical classification of the area? Another area that has a high impact not only pricing but the safety of operators and your facility is the electrical classification required for the system.

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