Open Mouth Auger Packer for Handling Powders

The APO is an auger-fed gross-weigh package filling machine that can fill open mouth bags, drums and boxes with excellent speed, accuracy and dust control. A single 3-1/2" auger feed screw delivers product to the package. The feed screw controls and accurately meters granular to fine aerated powders. The standard bagging machine is single speed with an option for bulk-and-dribble variable speed. Carbon steel angle iron frame and hopper with acrylic enamel finish provide a robust design for long term use. The APO bagger includes a 1 cu. ft flanged inlet hopper with hinged clean-out door and safety switch. The inlet hopper also features a material conditioning auger for consistent delivery of product to the feed screw. Auger shafts have external bearings and air purge seal along with a cap system at the end of the screw to positively cutoff product flow. The inflatable spout provides a positive seal during the fill cycle. Options for dust collection, de-areation probes, bag settling, container lift platform, stainless steel construction, food grade finishes, as well as automatic bag placing can all be incorporated into the design to meet the exact needs for your product characteristics and application. All necessary controls including our T4000 Digital Weigh Controller with LCD display and keypad interface are housed in a NEMA 12 enclosure. The APO is a great open mouth bagger for handling materials such as; bakery mixes, flours, starches, spices, animal feed nutrients, industrial chemicals and oily products with low bulk density.

APO Bagging Machine Specifications

  • Speed: Up to 4 bags per minute
  • Accuracy: + or – 0.2 pounds
  • Weight Range: 15-125lb bags/containers (is dependent on products bulk density)
  • Auger Size 3-1/2” OD (304 S.S.)
  • Standard motor is 3 HP TEFC, 230/460 VAC, 3 Phase, 60 Hertz including motor starter in a NEMA 12 enclosure.
  • Requires 230/460 VAC, 3 Phase for the motor(s)
  • 120 VAC, 1 Phase, 60 Hertz for controls
  • 90 PSI compressed air at 5 SCFM. Compressed air must be clean and dry.
  • Operating temperature range of 32°F to 110°F.

When deciding on the right bagging equipment for your material and process you also need to consider the rest of the package handling accessories needed to complete your packaging line. Magnum Systems provides all of the necessary accessories to keep your product moving from storage, filling, bag closing and sealing equipment to container manipulation, check weighing, metal detection, bag flattening all the way through to bag palletizing.

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