All Diverter Valves Are Not Built the Same

All Diverter Valves Are Not Built the Same

When transferring materials like Bentonite from rail car to storage, production or any phase in your process, the dependability of your two-way diverter valves can make a world of difference. Repairing and rebuilding problematic valves that get jammed up and cause plugging to the alternate line cause major issues and significant downtime.

For example, many competitor diverter valves cannot be repaired in-line, they must be removed and disassembled to diagnose and address the problem. Taking these valves apart - silicone, bolts and all, then reassembling - is a painstaking and time-consuming task that can leave the most hardened mechanic nervous about how many adjustments they’ll need to make before the valve actuates.

These repairs inevitably cause costly messes when conveying materials like Bentonite. Though Bentonite isn’t hazardous to the environment it does become a serious matter of work safety when it’s spread on the ground. When wet it creates a slipping hazard so it must be cleaned up immediately and if repairing faulty valves becomes a regular activity, this just adds to additional labor expenses and lost profits.

In-Line Repairs & Reduced Mess Increase Profitability

Days’ worth of downtime on a line, a giant mess, wasted manpower and keeping scores of spares on hand all to be left in anticipation of when these valves will fail again. This is precisely what was happening to the Bentonite conveying system at American Colloid Company (ACC) where constant interruptions and grueling maintenance were drastically affecting their bottom line.

ACC decided that finding a solution meant a valve that not only performed at higher expectations but eliminated the need of removing the valves for repairs. After investigating the options, they chose the Smoot 2-way, Slide Diverter Valves manufactured by Magnum Systems. Valves engineered to last in the most demanding environments and able to be repaired in-line, quickly and efficiently.

“Bottom Line, You Get What You Pay For.”

The Smoot Valves have withstood the test of material and time since installation. Minor leaks are easily addressed and there are no cavities within the valve that will jam up and cause residual issues and messy hassles. Maintenance time, clean-up and expenses were dramatically reduced, giving operators the peace of mind that their system was conveying product safely and without loss.

Operator (and longtime mechanic) Jeffrey Monroe of ACC was thoroughly impressed with the performance and ease of use of the Smoot valves. He exclaimed that his bottom line was considering the expense and headache of constant, messy replacements versus the upfront cost of a quality diverter, saying, “If you prefer to set ‘em and forget ‘em then Smoot/Magnum is the way to go. Pay that extra dollar. You will not regret it and you will easily make up that cost in time and money saved down the road.”


Magnum Systems manufactures all of its parts precisely to handle the bulk material in-put and out-put your process demands. We engineer and test each one with rigorous standards so you can rest assured that they will perform day-in and day-out and when a repair is required downtime and costs are minimal. Contact Us Today and discover the difference between a component supplier and a Systems Integrator.


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