So you have controls on your pneumatic transfer system that has been in operation for 15 to 20 years now and it has been reliable. With the exception of a light bulb or a switch here or there that needed to be replaced, the system has performed with few hiccups.

But what would happen in the future if a component in the control system faults out or doesn’t boot back up after being shut down?  Or what if a power outage at the plant occurs? Can your personnel get the system back online?  Do you have a backup of the PLC program or replacement spare parts just in case? Can you find the current drawings and documentation for the control system? If you don’t know the answer to these questions, you may need to consider upgrading your controls.

Upgrading your control system to the latest technology and features may seem costly and difficult.  It’s the quintessential “if it ain’t broke…don’t fix it.”  However taking the risk of not being able to get your system back online due to outdated and/or obsolete parts can be a big gamble.

A new PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and HMI (Human/Machine Interface) can go a long way.  Coupled with replacing pressure/vacuum switches, which tell you only made or not made conditions, to pressure/vacuum transmitters, which give continuous actual data, will give you the latest technology in industrial automation and provide a clearer picture into your plant’s process.   Also other data, such as temperature, can now be transmitted/reported in a much more economical way than it could 20 years ago.  By upgrading, not only will you have the ability to monitor system performance and make adjustments but you can also display and record your process’ times and variables.

Magnum Systems can upgrade your control system within the same footprint of your existing system without having to re-route the existing digital I/O and Analog signals. Call us to discuss your needs and let us quote you a new industrial automated control system . . . its time.

Magnum Systems designs, engineers and manufactures control systems using key components from the most recognized names in the industrial control and automation industry in the United States and globally. Magnum Systems has decades of bulk material handling and processing experience that complements our process logic for complex process systems. We know how to add the “brains” to your process system.

Author: Norm Seidel, Controls Engineer, Magnum Systems

About the Author: Norm has more than 30 years of experience in specifying and designing control systems for Smoot, now Magnum Systems in the bulk material handling industry.


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