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How To Deal With Rotary Valve Wear

How To Deal with Rotary Valve Wear

Published on:

One of the bigger issues in pneumatic conveying systems is wear life on rotary valves. Rotary airlock valves are still the workhorse of the pneumatic conveying industry because they are usually the best device out there for metering material while creating a seal to differential pressure. While not perfect at either function (metering or sealing) they are the greatest thing since sliced bread for doing both simultaneously.

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Type-3 Rotary Airlock with Nedox®

Magnum Systems Release New Feature on Type-3 Rotary Airlock Valve

Published on:

Check out the new Nedox® coated Type-3 rotary airlock valve. This product update will offer various benefits to our customers to improve their material handling capabilities.

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Open Mouth Bagging Scales

What is a Bagging Scale?

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I can tell you its not what you weigh your produce on to see how much it will cost per pound at the grocery store... but it does involve weighing things, material that is. Read more to find out what a bagging scale is and how they are used in the packaging industry.

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Magnum Systems Logo

Keeping the Line Moving...

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Magnum Systems has launched a new corporate logo and message; this reveal is a sizable enhancement to the company’s image since merging brands 16 years ago. “Branding means nothing unless the message is consistent in vision, action, and communication… both internal and external." - Travis Wallace CEO.

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Robotic Valve Bag Placing

Be in the Know: Robotic Valve Bag Placing

Published on:

There are a variety of valve bags utilized in various industries. If you’re looking to automate your process with a robotic valve bag placer it is important to know that not all valve bags are the same. Most importantly before you select a bag of any kind, you must make sure that the bags are “automation quality”.

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IBC2000 Bulk Bag Unloader

Product Spotlight: IBC2000 Bulk Bag Unloader

Published on:

Bulk Bag Unloaders come in all shape and sizes, and the IBC 2000 is no exception to this rule. We have designed our unloader with a modular approach so that we can meet any customer’s needs. We start with a heavy 3” square tubular 4-Leg structural frame.

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Smoot Slide Diverter Valve

Product Spotlight: Slide Diverter Valves

Published on:

The Smoot Slide Diverter valve is in a class by itself. When many pneumatic conveying manufacturers were developing their product lines over 40 years ago, the common mindset was to design and manufacture from a casting and machining design. It made sense for the time for a couple reasons: 1) Manufacturer’s were already ordering castings for their rotary valves and, therefore, already had a machine shop; 2) castings were the “go-to” for manufacturing strong, long lasting parts...

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B Metcalf Paving Packaging System

Automation for Bagging and Packaging Cold Patch Asphalt

Published on:

B. Metcalf Paving provides asphalt solutions to residential and commercial customers in Connecticut, Maine, and New York. Magnum Systems has recently installed a new automated bagging and packaging system at B Metcalf's facility for cold patch asphalt...

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Ryco Airlock vacuum cleaning system

Something is a little fishy about these rotary airlocks...

Published on:

We have handled materials from food ingredients, to abrasive chemicals but every so often an application comes along that is unique and is unlike any material we have handled before, just makes us stop and say “never thought of that”.

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Magnum Systems Testing Facility

FREE Product Testing, Backed by Decades of Experience

Published on:

One of the things we take great pride in is the vast base of experience that we have gained with the 98+ years in the pneumatic conveying and packaging industries between Smoot and Taylor. We have test facilities at both locations. Did I mention it's FREE?

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