Rotary Valve Airlocks and Pneumatic Conveying Components

The Smoot Division manufactures the most durable and reliable rotary airlocks in the industry, coupled with all of your pneumatic conveying system parts and components.

Pneumatic Conveying Systems

The Smoot Division designs and manufactures every type of pneumatic conveying system, so there are no "canned" solutions. We start with understanding your specific needs, then design the most efficient system to exceed your expectations.

Total Line Integration

The packaging division of Magnum Systems, Taylor Products, has the capabilities to manufacture or supply any or all of the bagging equipment and accessories to handle the product and container from railcar / PD truck to pallet.

Packaging Automation

Taylor Products through its long standing partnership with Fanuc Robotics, incorporates cutting edge robotic technology into innovative weighing, packaging and bag placing solutions.

Magnum Systems, Inc. 

Magnum Systems, is made up of two long lasting brands Smoot & Taylor Products. With more than 95 years of experience to offer in application knowledge, material handling, pneumatic conveying, and packaging. We understand you want a process system that provides a strong return on investment. We’re not going to sell you solutions that don’t meet your standards. We will work with you to customize a solution for all of your material handling needs.

Pack Expo East 17 

Smoot Airlock

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single source pneumatic conveying systems, parts and components

Magnum, through its Smoot Division, designs and manufactures pneumatic conveying systems to transfer dry bulk materials within a manufacturing or processing from short distances to hundreds of feet, depending upon the application. Smoot also sells pneumatic components, including airlocks, diverter valves, tubes and other components.

custom packaging and container handling equipment

Magnum, through its Taylor Division, designs and manufactures packaging machines and automated systems for powder and bulk solid materials. Typical applications include open mouth bag filling, valve bag filling, intermediate bulk loading and unloading and robotic automation of bag placing systems, robotic palletizing and accessories. Packages filled by Magnum’s systems vary from pounds to tons, with materials ranging from free-flowing granules to sticky and fragile powders.

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Automation for Bagging and Packaging Cold Patch Asphalt

- 02/20/17

B. Metcalf Paving provides asphalt solutions to residential and commercial customers in Connecticut, Maine, and New York. Magnum Systems has recently installed a new automated bagging and packaging system at B Metcalf's facility for cold patch asphalt...

Something is a little fishy about these rotary airlocks...

- 01/31/17

We have handled materials from food ingredients, to abrasive chemicals but every so often an application comes along that is unique and is unlike any material we have handled before, just makes us stop and say “never thought of that”.

smoot & taylor products exhibit at ptxi

SMOOT and Taylor Products, both divisions of Magnum Systems exhibited at The PTXi Show in Rosemont, IL on May 6-8, 2014. Click to see booth video.