Pneumatic Conveying Rotary Valves & Airlocks TYPE-6 Airlock: SUPER ABRASIVE RESISTANT ROTARY VALVE


The Super Abrasive Resistant Rotary Valve Type-6 Airlock is our abrasion resistant rotary valve made for the most abrasive environments. More often than not, the Type-6 has become the “paramedic” valve, coming to the rescue of pneumatic conveying systems, that due to bad design, changes in material, or just bad luck, wear out regular valves. It is also used more and more as an “insurance” valve where it is being put into locations that are hard to get to, very expensive to get to or applications where it is very expensive to have to shut down the system to replace a rotary valve. What makes the Type-6 rotary valve our super abrasion resistant valve is the closed end rotor that has a Stellite coating on the tips and shroud, a housing made from a hard chrome casting, and mild steel endplates. The Type-6 rotary valve really shines when coupled with our patented cavity air purge system on airlock applications.

All of our rotary valves are NFPA Section compliant.


  • Construction: Cast Hard Chrome housing and cast iron endplates
  • Mild steel closed end rotor with Stellite coating on all wear surfaces
  • Available in 3 sizes: 12” rotary valve (0.70CFR), 16” rotary valve (1.60CFR), and 22 ” rotary valve (3.95 CFR)
  • Can be used as either a feeder or an airlock
  • 100% manufactured and assembled in the USA
  • Compressed air purge system is standard
  • Optional: Cavity air purge
  • Standard color: Blue or white
  • Available for high temperature applications up to 500°F

Some of the applications that fit the Type-6 rotary valve:

  • Kiln dust, fly ash, portland cement, pebble lime, grout blends
  • Any pneumatic conveying systems handling abrasive products


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