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Incline Stacking Conveyor

Conveyor operates at 90 degrees from packer cross conveyor to accept bags from the BOTTOM OUT BAG KICKER and transfer them lengthwise toward the stacking area. Includes bag slide off plate for an operator to remove the bag and stack on the pallet. Inclines to about 42” high.


  • Nominal 10’ long x 24” belt width slider bed conveyor
  • Gravity rollers
  • Fabricated bag stop plate
  • Black rough top PVC belting
  • Supports for Nominal 16” top of belt height at the infeed and 42” discharge end
  • Construction is of carbon steel with polyurethane paint.
  • 230-460 VAC / 3 / 60 TEFC Motor NEMA 12
  • Controls with motor starter


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