ECO Phase Pneumatic Conveying

With our ECO phase conveying systems, we took the best attributes of a semi-dense phase system and the continuous feed of a dilute phase system and patented it.


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Patented Powdered Material Conveying Available Only with Magnum Systems

Continuously convey powdered material more efficiently than most dilute phase or dense phase conveying systems with our patented semi-dense phase mode of conveying, ECO phase. This hybrid system is product specific and more energy efficient thanks to reduced horsepower. It is patented technology from the legendary Smoot Company available only through Magnum Systems.

The Key to Our ECO Phase is the Magveyor

The Magveyor combines a continuous feeder, typically a rotary valve, with a low-pressure vessel to optimize material-to-air ratios for a given line size. This exploits the positive aspects of the continuous mode of dilute phase and the efficiencies of high solids loading of dense phase, without any of their normal negative impacts. As a result, energy consumption is reduced, green initiatives achieved, and ultimately, measurable savings are gained via lower operating costs.

Double Your Rate Without Increasing Operating Costs or a Huge Capital Investment

Our existing dilute phase customers report doubled the rate of their existing line size and blower installation by installing a Magveyor and ECO phase air management system. ECO phase delivers a constant stream of material, without managing the cycle/batch flow of dense phase conveying.

Plus, a positive displacement blower, not expensive compressors or high-pressure pumps, typically powers it.

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