Does Your Plant Need or Need to Upgrade an Automated Conveyor System?

Does Your Plant Need or Need to Upgrade an Automated Conveyor System?

Be they labor or production issues, a lot of plant managers are looking at automated conveyor systems as a solution. As far as solutions go, these systems solve a number of challenges and result in lower costs, higher efficiency and streamlined operations. However, automated conveyor systems are an investment, albeit a worthy one if it is designed properly and customized to your material(s), needs and goals.

If you’re considering a new automated conveyor system, here are a few signs it’ll be a wise investment:

  • Your line is beyond capacity or limited capacity is holding you back. Two factors can be at play here. One, your workforce is struggling to keep up. This can lead to burn out and compound your production woes. Two, you’re turning away orders or limiting order fulfillments. In either case, an automated conveyor system can ease the strain and improve production and efficiency.
  • You’re struggling to hire and/or retain employees. This is a thorn in the side of many plant managers, and an automated conveyor system can be designed to eliminate or reduce line positions. Automation is a solution that reduces reliance on manpower, while helping you meet or exceed production goals, as well as control labor costs. While an automated conveyor system can reduce staffed positions, it’s also a way to maximize your current workforce by allocating them to other areas.
  • You’re dealing with order complaints. Your orders and their accuracy matter to customers, and being unable to deliver on your promises results in unhappy customers, which leaves you open to competitors taking business away. Ultimately, this affects your reputation and bottom line. Additionally, it’s human to make mistakes. Those can lead to problems with orders and waste. An automated conveyor system can minimize errors that lead to both.

What type of conveying equipment do you need? Typically, most applications fall into these parameters when needing to convey a bulk solid material.

Distance Guidelines for Conveying:

· Under 50 feet – Mechanical Conveying: Augers, U-Troughs, Vibratory, Aeromechanical or small Venturi-based pneumatic system

· 50 to 600 feet with a few turns – Pneumatic Conveying: Dilute Phase, Dense Phase

· Over 1,000 feet – Mechanical Conveying: usually Belt or Drag Chain

Conveying Rate Guidelines:

· Under 1,000 pounds/hour – Mechanical Conveying or Venturi system

· 1,000 to 80,000 pounds/hour – Pneumatic Conveying

· 80,000+ pounds/hour – Mechanical Conveying

If you’re considering upgrading an automated conveyor system, here are a few signs it’s time:

  • You’re spending a lot on repairs and losing productivity to downtime. When the cost to repair your automated conveyor system outweighs the cost of an upgrade, it’s time to update. You also need to factor in the losses experienced due to downtime when your system is undergoing repairs. For older systems, repair lead times can be extensive since it can be more difficult to find parts or repair experts experienced in your older system.
  • Upgrading or replacing it is a worthy investment as your plant grows/expands or your material changes. Your automated conveyor system should support your growth, not hinder it.

When you contact Magnum Systems seeking solutions for your automated conveyor system, we take the time to learn about your challenges, where your system is now and where you need it to be. Our team puts our accumulated years of experience to work, helping ensure the new or upgraded system achieves the goals and the performance level you expect.

Having a systems integrator on your side with in-depth knowledge of manufacturing complex unloading, conveying, packaging and palletizing solutions gives you more time to manage your production line and unlock new potential. With Magnum Systems, your team works alongside ours every step of the way. Once the project is completed and the system is in place, count on our unrivaled field service and support to keep the line moving.

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