Magnum Systems Coronavirus (COVID-19) Plan of Action to Keep Your Line Moving

Magnum Systems Coronavirus (COVID-19) Plan of Action to Keep Your Line Moving

Update July 20th, 2020 - 

Magnum Systems is continuing to work in accordance with the state, regional, and local COVID-19 directives.  Our business remains uninterrupted as we have been taking the necessary actions in an attempt to minimize the potential impact of the virus with our employees, their families, and our business partners.  Our sales & service teams are available remotely as well as on-site, pending the local guidelines.

All employees and vendors are wearing face masks and social distancing.  Everyone is monitoring their health, including daily temperature checks.  All non-essential access to our production facilities and offices has been restricted.  Our office staff is continuing to work both remotely and in the office in order to meet social distancing guidelines.

Update May 18th, 2020 - 

Since transitioning to remote work environments on March 24th and implementing new policies and procedures at our manufacturing locations, all employees have maintained the necessary communication and collaboration for our business to run uninterrupted. The “reopening of business” begun last week in the Kansas City metro area and throughout Missouri and Kansas.  As such, in accordance with the state, regional and local directives, Magnum Systems has began phasing in the return of our remote office employees in Lenexa and Parsons on Monday, May 11th.  We are considering the proximity of work areas (desks, cubicles, offices) as well as any personal/family health risks.  We will alternate working remotely and the office for some departments in order to meet social distancing guidelines.

Update April 20th, 2020 - 

As we continue to monitor the COVID-19 crisis, last week both the States of Missouri and Kansas have extended their stay-at-home orders through May 3rd and Kansas City has extended through May 15th.  The health experts believe we need additional time for the peak in virus cases and the expected decline.  With this extension, our Lenexa office will remain working remotely through May 3rd.  Our plants in Parsons will remain open as an essential business, continuing to focus on staying at least 6 feet apart from others, washing our hands, not touching our face, and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces.

Update March 23rd, 2020 -

Effective Tuesday 3/24, our local government has issued a Stay-at-Home order for Kansas City, and three major surrounding counties on either side of the MO/KS border. This includes our Lenexa, KS office.

What does this mean for Magnum Systems?

  • We are still operating at 100% efficiency
    • Our production facilities in Parsons, KS are maintaining proper staff for production needs, following current social distancing mandates, as well as setting up office personnel to work remotely as needed.
  • Staff in Lenexa will be 100% Remote Starting 3/24
    • The Stay-at-Home order is effective March 24th through April 24th. All employee’s at our Lenexa, KS office have been set up with remote access to company resources, Microsoft Teams as well as traditional communication via phone and email to conduct business as usual.
  • Free Technical Support
    • We offer free phone and email support to troubleshoot equipment issues and we will continue to offer this service.
  • Website Chat Communication
    • We have implemented a chat feature on our website in addition to phone and email support during normal business hours of 7:00am to 4:00pm CST. If you have a quick question about a product or not sure who to contact, a company representative can assist you.

If you have any questions, please email them to

March 17th, 2020 – There is a lot of uncertainty about how the next few months will play out with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) making headlines and in every media outlet known to man. Travel bans, professional sports events and seasons being canceled or postponed. As of last night, multiple cities and states requiring shutdowns of restaurants, bars and schools and discouraging events with 10 people or more.

Magnum Systems wants to ensure you that our management team is monitoring this situation closely and are putting in place appropriate plans of action to ensure operations are running smoothly while keeping the safety and well-being of our employee’s, partners, suppliers, and customers of highest importance.

We have a vast supplier base to support our manufacturing operations and are in communication with them regarding any delays on our projects and order status’ to ensure we are meeting our commitments to our customers and can communicate any issues that may arise efficiently as possible.

We have provided engineering, design, and manufacturing services for more than 60 years and we plan to continue to support our customers to the best of our ability through this time to keep lines moving.

Things we have communicated to our team:

Shared official information from the CDC on Coronavirus COVID-19 and preventative practices such as:

Washing your hands regularly, stay home if you are sick, we have posted official documentation near bathrooms such as the following 2019-ncov-factsheet, hand-sanitizer-factsheet, and wash-your-hands-fact-sheet-508.

As our management team continues to monitor the situation and works to comply with CDC and local government recommendations we will act accordingly and notify you if any of Magnum Systems services are affected.

Upcoming Tradeshow Schedule

Please visit our Events and Conferences Page to view information regarding specific trade shows and their current status.

As we look forward to continuing our support to customers regardless of potential economic interruptions, we are acting within the CDC and local government recommendations and will continue to keep the health and safety of our employee’s top of mind.


Tyler Morerod
MarCom Manager
Magnum Systems, Inc

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