Since the 80's, Magnum Systems has provided some form of weighing controls on our packaging machines. It’s been a focus in our bagging equipment technology and allows us to build versatile, easy-to-use packaging machinery. Weigh Controllers work in both gross-weigh and net-weigh configurations. The ability to use them on our entire packaging equipment product line from our smallest bagging scale, valve bag fillers, and check-weigh scales, all the way up to our bulk bag fillers and unloaders, makes them the preferred choice in the industry.

Ease of Use:

From the simple menus, minimal buttons, and backlit LCD display The T3000 and T4000 weigh controllers make changing speeds, set points, and weighments an easy process. Quick access keys allow minimal keystrokes to adjust product settings.

Accurate Control of Fill Cycle:

Pre-programmed controllers, allow our baggers to operate with a bulk/dribble fill cycle. Bulk/dribble is also called variable speed filling or bulk/trim filling. Advanced software filters analyze the weight signal, eliminate vibration and noise, leaving the most accurate weight reading possible. The technology offered in our weigh controller is the brains behind the operation of our product metering techniques. Gravity, auger, belt, and vibratory feeding all rely on our weigh controller and load cells to precisely meter the correct amount of product during the fill cycle.

Efficient Operation:

Self-correcting weigh features ensure efficient operation of your bagging equipment. Weigh controller will tune itself to the preset target weight automatically. Built-in notifications and adjustment of pre-acts, jog functions, and speeds optimize your process.

Versatile Application:

We provide the same weigh controllers across our entire line of packaging equipment. With the ability to work in both gross-weigh and net-weigh filling applications make the T3000 and T4000 adaptable to fit within your packaging process.

Trouble Free:

Since both of the weigh controllers we offer are pre-programmed, they save operators valuable onsite time during initial start-up and commissioning of equipment.

For nearly 15 years Magnum System has provided our model T3000 and T4000 weigh controllers on our packaging equipment. The ease of use, accuracy, and versatility of their operation, allow our customers to keep their packaging lines moving.


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