Something is a little fishy about these rotary airlocks...


Airlock vacuum cleaning systemSmoot rotary airlock valves have been used in a countless amount of applications and installations over the past 57 years we’ve manufactured them. They make up more than half of our pneumatic conveying business annually.  We have handled materials from food ingredients, to abrasive chemicals but every so often an application comes along that is unique and is unlike any material we have handled before, just makes us stop and say “never thought of that”.

Ryco manufactures patented processing machines for seafood and land food. They are known for their Salmon Gutter, which automated salmon cleaning with the first one manufactured and patented in 1981. They are responsible for literally changing the industry for fish cleaning and the Salmon Gutter was the standard machine for cleaning salmon worldwide for a decade. They now manufacture various cleaning and processing machines that are sold all over the world. 

One of the systems they now manufacture is a vacuum cleaning system. Since 2004 Ryco has utilized a Smoot FT-7 Type 1 rotary valve on their model #911 Vacuum Cleaning system for cleaning the body cavities of Salmon and other fish. The system allows disposal of offal and process water to be controlled to meet stringent pollution requirements and improve in-plant sanitation conditions. The gravity discharge system fills the gut tank (pictured above rotary valve) with a vacuum, continuously discharging with a rotary valve.

If you want to see how the vacuum system work see link for short video:  #911 Salmon Cleaning System.

"We at Ryco love using Magnum Systems Smoot rotary air lock valves because they offer reliable performance.  In the fishing industry, downtime for broken equipment is your enemy.  That's why we use a Smoot valve." -Reed Carruthers | Ryco Equipment, Inc.

Thank you Ryco for being a loyal customer, we enjoy doing business with companies like yours.

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Submitted By: Tyler Morerod | MarCom Manager