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Magnum Systems, Inc. is one of North America’s leading designers and manufacturers of material handling and packaging systems for dry bulk materials. The company’s engineering knowledge and application experience are greatly valued by customers that process bulk materials such as grain, seeds, cereals, sugar, flour, plastic pellets, plastic powder, sand, cement, fly ash, fertilizers, and granulate chemicals.

Smoot History

Smoot Company began as a provider of pneumatic conveying systems in Kansas City, Kansas, in 1960. Since then, Smoot has patented a long list of industrial systems, including the Airlift Railcar Discharge Adapter, Rotary Airlock Cavity Purge system, and the Slide Diverter Valve to our recent ECO Phase Pneumatic Conveying System, patented in 2013.

Today, Smoot, a brand of Magnum Systems, is a leading provider of pneumatic conveying systems and components. These include dense and dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems and railcar and truck unloading. Smoot's systems can handle some of the most abrasive materials in the world. Our engineering and service staff have the application knowledge and experience to deliver successful designs and installations around the world.

Taylor Products History

Founder Murland "Mike" Taylor started Taylor Seed Company in Parsons, Kansas, in the 1960's. However, he soon began designing mechanical beam scale baggers. Taylor Products extensive line of bagging equipment is the result of his ability to translate customer thoughts and ideas into practical, economical and durable machine designs. Providing packaging equipment for the industry soon overtook the seed cleaning business and Taylor Products was born. The line of patented equipment has expanded to over 25 different models for valve bags, open mouth, and bulk bags.

Although product development started in the agricultural market, industrial markets soon adopted Taylor Products' equipment designs. Today, Taylor Products brand of Magnum Systems provides standard designs and custom equipment for every sector of the commercial marketplace. Our willingness to listen to our customers' ideas and to manufacture products that meet their specific needs has made the Taylor Products brand an industry leader in both the agricultural and industrial sectors.

Magnum Systems

The Smoot line of pneumatic conveying systems and the Taylor line of dry bulk packaging equipment strengthen the Magnum brand. Many of Magnum's competitors manufacture material handling systems or packaging equipment. By offering both, Magnum serves customers who want an integrated, one-stop solution.

Magnum has delivered a consistent stream of new products and technologies to the market since 2001. The company holds numerous patents for its pneumatic conveying systems and recently introduced the Eco Phase™ material handling solution, an innovative system that delivers very high levels of throughput with low energy consumption. Magnum’s packaging systems are also recognized for their technical excellence. By partnering with leading providers of industrial robotics and electronics, Magnum ensures ongoing and efficient access to best-of-breed technology.

Magnum’s internal sales team supports the company’s network of exclusive representatives and distributors. Through their combined efforts, Magnum has developed a broad base of over 10,000 customers in such diverse end markets as food, agriculture, chemical, industrial minerals, and plastics.

Magnum is a recognized leader in offering innovative, cost-efficient solutions that help its customers achieve operational efficiencies.

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